Arenee Renee Henderson-Clark

Arenna Renee Henderson-Clark is a native from Philadelphia Pa. 

She attended Overbrook High School and graduated as a Business major. After nearly 30 years in Philly, she relocated to North Carolina for a fresh start. She has  two wonderful daughters and four grandchildren.

She earned her BA in Religious Studies/Psychology from NC Wesleyan College. When asked about her transition to becoming the founder of LLH Mission, she passionately said "I have put all my experience and education together to become CEO of LLH Outreach Mission, INC. I wanted to make a difference that can activate change in my local community and abroad. From the onset of my early life I soon realized that I had a bigger mission and have been determined ever since. I evolved into a Woman of Zion created in his greatness, daily pursuing my purpose in life."