Compassionate Orphanage Partnership


We're excited!!

Because of our Operation Unity Project, LLH Outreach Mission, Inc is partnered together with Grace Fountain for Life International Assembly to help build Operation Unity Nigeria Outreach center for street children in Lagos Nigeria within his church. Our Foreign Relations Coordinator,  Brother Uche Charles NnaNna and Foreign Advisor,  Pastor Ekwueme Bethrand Onyeomachi is helping us build this orphanage to make sure children are getting food, money, and clothes that they need. Our Foreign Advisor, Ekwueme Bethrand Onyeomachi,  is the pastor of Grace Fountain for Life International Assembly. He has been helping change lives from nothing to something by supporting the community and giving to those in need. 

We believe every street child should have the same education, opportunity and basic amenities as children with parents. We exist to ensure that the street children there at Operation Unity Nigeria Outreach center are adequately catered.

Poverty, instability and HIV/AIDS mark the lives of vulnerable families in Nigeria. Some areas of the country are unstable and families are forced to leave their homes and find safety elsewhere. As is often the case, children are particularly at risk in such a harsh environment.

With a total population of roughly 186 million, Nigeria is one of the world's most populous countries.

Nearly half of the population lives in cities, and the number of people moving to urban areas is increasing. As cities grow quickly, many families end up living in inadequate housing: in shacks without access to sanitation or safe drinking water.  

Nigeria is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world. Although it is rich in petroleum, natural gas, tin and coal, over 60 per cent of its people live in poverty. There are big regional differences; the highest levels of poverty are found in the northern areas of the country. These are also the areas that are most affected by political instability.  

We need your prayers and support.
Help Us Create a Better World for street children and End World Hunger and Poverty.

Thank you for your prayers and support.